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Anne Savage

international news _ 27th January, 2006

Anne Savage Smashed On The Piste

Text by Jonty Skrufff (Skrufff.com)

Breaks-loving hard house queen Anne Savage narrowly escaped serious injury in a drunken skiing accident last week, though lost a chunk of flesh from her forehead, she told Skrufff.

The highly experienced skier had been enjoying her 17th annual trip to Selva Gardena in Italy and came unstuck after a particularly boisterous family gathering at a restaurant half way up the piste, she admitted.

"Most of my family had set off leaving me, one of my brothers and a sister to have a couple of after dinner Grappas. It was nearly dark when we left, visibility was at about 20%, but this wouldn't usually cause me any concern as I have skied that particular run hundreds of times," said Anne.

"I made it down all the treacherous bits, but we were skiing flat out and I came unstuck messing about, whilst doing ridiculous speeds. I fell over and smashed my head on my (ski) bindings but because it was dark, didn't realise how badly I'd hurt myself until I got back to the house and my sister started panicking. I had taken a chunk of skin out my forehead, which was bleeding quite badly. We eventually stuck a plaster on it, and I had a very early night."

Bleeding profusely throughout the night, she woke up in an even worse state and was rushed to a local hospital where a doctor immediately stitched up her forehead.

"I hadn't whinged at all until then but I am extremely squeamish and the sensation of someone sewing up your face is grim, as anyone who's had stitches will understand; I nearly fainted," she continued, " But the worst part was the humiliation of DJing that Friday night with a big plaster on my head."

Despite admitting that she'd previously broken both thumbs and a wrist on separate occasions, Anne stressed she has no plans to slow down, either with skiing, alcohol or life in general.

" It was my own fault entirely, the speeds you can reach skiing suggest that you shouldn't drink at all, but try telling my Dad that when he's getting them in," she laughed.

"But the latest accident won't really affect how I ski, it's a dangerous sport and there is always the risk that you're going to hurt yourself," she concluded, "But that's a buzz in itself and the exact reason why I love it so much."

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