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Dimitri from Paris

international news _ 20th January, 2006

Dimitri From Paris' Groupie Etiquette

Text by Jonty Skrufff (Skrufff.com)

Legendary lothario Dimitri From Paris chatted to Skrufff this week about his upcoming love themed compilation for Defected Records 'A Night In The House Of Love' and revealed that he can instantly distinguish between genuine admirer and groupies.

"People look at you, you look back at them and immediately you know whether there's something there that can go further- how much further you don't know but you know the ground is good," said Dimitri.

Groupies, however, take an entirely different approach, he suggested, by staring at the DJ irrespective of how they respond.

"The groupies are just staring at the image of the DJ, they're not really staring at you, they're people who want to grab the centre of attention onto themselves, and that's a very psychological thing," Dimitri mused.

"As the DJ you're the main person in a club who everybody looks at and groupies will look at the DJ and some say "I want this for me"; that's how the groupie thing works. They don't care about you personally, about what you've got to say, how you feel, or what you are; they just want to steal the centre of attention. There will always be persons, girls, men, whatever, who will try anything to do that."

Happily in a long term relationship, Dimitri insisted he rarely gets fans, groupies or otherwise, throwing themselves at him these days, insisting "I see people who do get that but it doesn't happen to me and I think it's all about the way you act. I've been living with a girl for a long time but before that I was more available and I guess girls perceived that, probably from the way I looked back at them."

"It's all down to whether you make yourself available or not, if you're not available then people won't look at you, they won't waste your time" he added, "A boy or girl will fancy you depending on whether you look available; that's how it works."

'Dimitri From Paris: A Night In The House Of Love' is out at the end of January on Defected Records.

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