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international news _ 12th January, 2006

Disco-house charmer Dimitri From Paris kicked off promotion for his upcoming compilation CD A Night In The House Of Love this week, revealing his inspiration for the new Defected compilation was love.

Nightclubs are social places and although the level of sound may make it difficult to exchange words, the music and what it can carry can bring a loving feeling to people. When I DJ I love to see couples dancing, Dimitri explained. On this compilation I wanted to create that vibe of warm happiness through the selection of songs, a program that you could enjoy in any environment.

Tracks he's used to achieve his aim include cuts from Terry Callier,The Originals, Incognito and Sylvester alongside French flavoured classics like Grace Jones' La Vie En Rose and Cerrone's Hooked On You, though he insisted the Gallic connection is incidental.

France has a strong romantic cultural background, but there's no need to be French to feel romantic, he continued, It may be an old fashioned thing but I believe we should all have our romantic moments. Romance has really been away from the dance floor for too long I say it's time to bring it back.

Chatting to Skrufff two years ago, Dimitri was equally chivalrous and loved up until the conversation turned to his arch-rival David Guetta, a person he fell out with during 90s.

When I started DJing 20 years ago, if you were the owner of the club you'd tell the barman don't serve the drinks like that and you'd say to the DJ don't play that track. At the time, I had to accept it as a DJ, Dimitri recalled.

Anyway, when I played at this party organised by Guetta eight years ago, he came up to me saying don't play that track. He's also a DJ, and a DJ who does that to me immediately loses my respect, he stormed.

http://www.defected.com (Dimitri From Paris- A Night In The House Of Love is released in February)

Jonty Skrufff (JontySkrufff.com)

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