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international news _ 12th January, 2006

Goa Cops Ban New Years Eve Beach Parties

Goa authorities prevented any outdoor parties from happening in the rave area around Anjuna and Vagator on New Year's Eve, in the harshest crackdown yet against the legendary psychedelic trance parties.

Indian press agency NewIndpress said authorities were responding to rave rage over recreational drug use by revellers, while tourism minister Dr Wifred D'Souza said the people who attend them were the target of the ban.

Who cares about those tourists who want the rave experience, said Dr D'Souza, there are many tourists who do not want it either. Anyway, we have not banned rave parties, anyone can have a party until 10 pm, he added.

The latest crackdown followed years of anti-rave rhetoric by both local cops and politicians, which included a similar ban on beach parties last February which wasn't ultimately enforced. Six years earlier authorities also banned a 25,000 capacity Anjuna beach party planned to mark the millennium, again over drug concerns.

"Acid parties are out", Goa's Chief Minister, Francisco Sardinha told AFP news at the time, Even when I was a young man, I did not go to such things. One can have fun without drugs," he said (BBC).

Ten years previously, local anti-rave activist group Citizens Concerned About Tourism (CCAT) also attacked decadent rave parties, in a published letter they sent to India's then Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi.

"Over the last ten years, hippies and similar backpack tourists have virtually taken over. They live here without visas or passports. They lie around nude on our beaches and practice and propagate free love and free sex, CCAT complained.

Drugs are an integral part of their relaxed way of life. They are parasites who thrive by sucking the life-blood of our nation--OUR YOUTH, they added (UNESCO Courier)

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