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international news_ 25th January 2005

Portishead New Album

West Country triphop crooners Portishead have been worryingly out of the spotlight for the last 7 years, sitting back on the success of their outstanding first 2 artist albums and doing very little production wise. Singer Beth Gibbons has been working on various projects lending those heart-scraping vocals on projects ranging from acoustic renditions to film soundtracks. Andy Smith, the groups DJ, has been working both on solo projects and with Scott Hendy as Dynamo Productions and Geoff Barrow has been releasing under various guises with a two-year break from the music business.

Now however rumours are abound that the group are back in the studio recording the follow-up to their second artist album, the eponymous title Portishead that was released in 1997, rumours that were confirmed by Geoff in an interview with the UK's Radio 6 last week.

"We're actually into it as we speak," he told 6 Music,"We took some time off for Christmas, but generally we're doing another record".

"We've just had our heads down really, we've never actually broken up, or parted, or whatever. So for us it just seems, even though we haven't played for years, we still see each other and write.

"We just haven't released a record for a long time."

The group are set to perform together on stage for the first time in 7 years sharing a stage with Massive Attack for the first time in February at a Tsunami benefit concert. They will only be performing old tracks so no sneaky peeks at any new material but fans worldwide will be able to see the performance streamed live via the bands website.

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