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international news_ 25th January 2005

Preview Mark Moore's New Tracks

Uber cool electro DJ Mark Moore who first achieved fame with one of the tracks credited with kickstarting the house music phenomenon, 'The Theme from S-Express' and who has in recent years built a name for himself as one of the hippest DJs to grace the streets of Shoreditch, has announced details of his latest new tracks available exclusively for those in the know to preview on his myspace.com homepage.

The new tracks will be released in April on Mark's new record label, Umami Records with the new single coming out under the name of "Mark Moore & Eon present Sonny Bozo" and will be a double A-side featuring "Trash The Can" and "BangBang" and continue Marks wholehearted embrace of the electroclash sound that has been bubbling away in the London underground for the past couple of years. Now slowly becoming more mainstream and destined to follow breaks into the mainstream you can be sure Mark Moore will be a name that will soon be bouncing back into the mass music conscience.

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