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international news_ 24th January 2005

New Basement Jaxx Single and Best Of Album

Marking 5 years of conquering the house music scene with their unique massively appealing electronic tracks UK group Basement Jaxx have announced details of a new album, a 'Best of ' released on the 28th March. Featuring all of the groups singles to date with the addition of two new tracks, one of which will be released as a single two weeks earlier on the 14th March the album, imaginatively titled 'Singles' features no less than 29 tracks spanning their career.

The new tracks, 'U Don't Know Me' (featuring long-time collaborator Lisa Kekaula of The Bellrays) and the lead single, 'Oh My Gosh' featuring Vula Malinga. Will both be released on XL Recordings although some vinyl addicts will already have a copy of it as some white label 12" versions with dub remixes have been doing the rounds

Also out on the 21st March is a DVD featuring some exclusive live footage, all the videos and a few special bonus features. For more details on this and their new releases check out their website.

01. Red Alert - feat. Blue James
02. Good Luck - feat. Lisa Kekaula
03. Romeo - feat. Kele Le Roc
04. Oh My Gosh - feat. Vula Malinga
05. Bingo Bango
06. Where's Your Head At
07. Rendez-Vu
08. Jump N' Shout - feat. Slarta John
09. Lucky Star - feat. Dizze Rascal
10. Plug It In - feat. JC Chasez
11. U Don't Know Me - feat. Lisa Kekaula
12. Do Your Thing - feat. Elliot May
13. Jus 1 Kiss
14. Flylife
15. Samba Magic

01. Magnificent Romeo
02. I Beg U
03. Mere Pass?
04. Miracles Keep On Playin' [Red Alert Remix]
05. Bongoloid
06. Good Luck [Live]
07. Rendez-Vu [Latin Version]
08. Broken Dreams [Acoustic]
09. Ha Choo
10. Onyx
11. I Live In Camberwell
12. Camberskank
13. Jus 1 Kiss [The Isley Bootleg]
14. Romeo [Acoustic]

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