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Laurent Garnier

international news_ 24th January 2005

Laurent Garnier New Album

The face on French techno worldwide, boss of F-Communications and DJ/Producer extraordinaire Laurent Garnier has announced details of his next album, 'The Cloud Making Machine' due for release in February.

Promising to deliver 'a more personal insight into Laurent's private world' don't expect the album to be the same kind of music as you'd hear from him in a club. Instead this album is going to have a much more eclectic flavour crossing a variety of genres and sounds featuring collaborations with Norwegian jazz pianist Bugge Wesseltoft, Tunisian singer and oude player Dhafer Youssef, Scan X on guitar (also responsible for the albums sound design), Sangoma Everett with percussion and vocals, Marc A fine example of modern contemporary electronica the album's a must for all open minded music fans.

01. The Cloud Making Machine Part 1
02. 9:01-9:06
03. Barbiturik Blues
04. Huis Clos
05. Act 1 Minotaure Ex.
06. First Reaction (V2)
07. Controlling The House Part 2
08. (I Wanna Be) Waiting For My Plane
09. Jeux D'enfants
10. The Cloud Making Machine Part 3

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