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Jonathan Lisle

international news_ 13th January 2005

Bedrock Original Series Volume 2

Following in the footsteps of The Renaissance Masters series is Bedrock's answer to the timeless house album, The Bedrock Original Series. Hoping to replicate the storming success of their debut release by Desyn Masiello Diggers label has announced details of its sequel, volume 2 mixed by the talented up coming Jonathan Lisle.

Garnishing a stellar reputation for being one of the hardest working DJs on the block he has broke onto the scene in recent years with his stunning live shows often involving 3 or 4 decks, FX and live keyboards. Mixing these sounds and live instruments over the top of some of the freshest vinyl he is one of the new generation of digital musicians and Bedrock have looked to this young talent to carry the name and reputation of Bedrock into 2005.

And his new style of creation and composition is nowhere better documented than on this release, taking elements from various tracks and using them throughout the mix, chopping up, mixing, blending segments of tracks from all over the album it's a smooth journey the Bedrock way.

This is what Jonathon had to say about this upcoming release

"I am really happy with how it has turned out. It was quite complicated to mix live because I'm using 5 CD channels (the new Denon DNS 5000's allow you to play 2 tracks off the same CD, so I had 3 of them on the go). I also had an effects unit and a synth all synced up via midi using the Allen & Heath Xone 92, so technically its as complex as it is musically. I also deconstructed most of the tracks and created new loops out of the elements and mixed them up to try and create one 80 minute piece. So for example over track 2 there is a drum beat mixed over which consists of the snare from track 7 and the kick from track 8. In the end it all came together and I'm now really excited about this"

Bedrock Original Series - OS_02 is out on the 14th Febuary. (Matt Cheetham)

Jonathan Lisle - OS_02 Tracklisting
01. Cosmic Baby / Tribute To Bladerunner Volume 1
02. Rabbit In The Moon / Waiting For The Night
03. Art Of Silence / West 4 (Crowd Control Dub)
04. Habersham / Gently Shifting People (Relisys Mix Feat Steve Alex)
05. Hawke / Vivos En Muerte
06. Steiger / Ghost Sector
07. PMT / Afro Lava Lamp
08. Young American Primitive / Voyage To The Great Attractor
09. Gavin Hardkiss / See The Love Infinite (Rabbit In The Moon Mix)
10. Low End Specialists / Powerstation
11. Trafik / Surrender (Habersham & Blake Potter Mix)
12. Matthew Dekay / Bad
13. Andy Ling / Fixation (Hamel & Evolution 2005 Mix)
14. Forme / Invincible

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