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Absolut Vocka

international news _ 8th January, 2005

Absolut Get It Right

Big Business and Underground music rarely mix well, I can't think of many instances where large companies have done good things other than line the pockets of promoters with cold hard cash in return for promoting their product to the discerning dance music fans. It looks like this is slowly starting to change though as advertisers realise the same corny old campaigns just don't work anymore they're getting more creative and leading the new wave is party pop producers from Sweden Absolut famous for their famous Vodka.

They've commissioned a choice selection of producers from various genres and asked them to provide a sonic interpretation for the image of absolut and the absolut bottle and the results are very interesting. Artists such as DJ Vadim, Wally Lopez, Monica Kruse have contributed so far and not surprisingly with the talent they've bagged, the results are pretty dam cool.

All tracks are available for download as MP3 for free together with the video for each track and they're as cool as the tracks themselves. (Matt Cheetham)

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