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Danger Mouse

international news _ 2nd January, 2005

The Next Danger Mouse

In what seems like an laughingly obvious attempt to replicate the stunt and subsequent success Dangermouse pulled earlier this year when he created the Grey Album, a cross between the Beatles White album and Jay Z's Black Album, an as yet unknown DJ from America has created a cross between The Beastie Boys and The Beatles that although doesn't doesn't have the fresh unique charm the Grey Album captured did the Beastie boys energy comes splitting though the well known chords of tracks like Strawberry Fields.

Cheekily titled 'The Beastles' the 9 tracks that make up the album are created from sampling tracks from the Beatles White album and The Beasties' 'Paul's Boutique'

It's available online now but be quick to download it as you can be sure when the bosses at Apple get wind of it the site will be closed down sharpish but for the moment it's online and available for anyone who likes their cool cut up hip hop. (Matt Cheetham)

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