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international news _ 21th February, 2007

Moby Mocks Muslims & Gay Meth Minister

Text by Jonty Skrufff (Skrufff.com)

Moby's label Mute Records unveiled details of his upcoming new compilation album Go – Remixed this week, as the always outspoken New Yorker launched a multi-pronged onslaught against Muslim taxi drivers and fallen evangelical Christian leader Ted Haggard.

"Do you remember reverend Ted Haggard? The former head of the national council of evangelical Christians who was discovered spending the churches money hiring male hookers and buying crystal meth?" he asked on his always interesting online journal, "When he wasn't campaigning against gay marriage he was out trysting with male hookers and buying crystal meth on the mean streets of Denver?"

"Well, it turns out that the church has cured him of his homosexuality (not sure what they've done about the crystal meth problem)," he added, "I love that 90 days of not paying for sex with male hookers makes him straight and 'cured'."

Moby also turned his attention to New York cabbies, specifically the ‘95% from the Middle East or Africa’ and how they handle the fact that ‘New York is a city that is happily run by Jews and gays and women.’

"Some cab drivers come from conservative Islamic countries where women are 3rd class citizens, Jews are seen as the enemy, and homosexuals are put to death," he mused, "So imagine how they feel picking up a successful, gay, Jewish woman who then tells them where to go? I sometimes wonder why Islamic cab drivers don't move to Oklahoma."

Go – Remixed (including Trentemoller and Vitalic’s recent remixes of Go, Steve Angello's Raining Again, Sandy Rivera's In My Heart and 13 more similarly reconstructed tracks is out on CD and digital download on 5th March 2007.

Moby DJs at Ministry Of Sound in London on March 10.

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