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international news _ 16th February, 2007

Riot In Belgium In Australia

Text by Jonty Skrufff (Skrufff.com)

Bennie Single from Riot In Belgium chatted to Skrufff this week about their rapid ascent up the electro/ new rave/ dance rock tree and revealed that despite their name, they remain cheerfully based in Australia.

"I've actually been to Belgium just once and I almost got arrested for dirty dancing," Bennie revealed, "Though a lot of people do think we are from Belgium. There is even a Belgium Myspace who think we are from there, who recently sent us a message thanking us for supporting our country," he laughed.

On their own Myspace page the duo (Bennie plus ex Cut Copy man Joel aka DJ Belgium) describe themselves as 'proud parents' with some 'extra baggage' though he insisted their sexual orientation choice of 'not sure' wasn't a canny marketing move.

"We don't actively target anyone- we love everyone," Benny insisted. "I just find those Myspace options quite funny. How can you be 'not sure' or list your musical preferences as 'Christian rap'?"

"Though Sydney, where I'm based, is one of the biggest gay cities in the world," he continued, "I do a party with some friends called Bang Gang, which is a crazy mixed gay straight bi middle party."

Bennie also stressed they're unflustered about the possibility of being listed as a gay friendly band on Donnie Davies' fast growing anti-gay site and equally chilled about being targeted by anyGod-fearing gay haters,

"I hope they do target us," Bennie chuckled, "So I can dispose of them in a flash."

The band release their (fantastic) single La Musique on DJ Headman's Relish Records shortly and look on course for international crossover success, though have no plans to relocate, he added.

"I think we will stay here in Australia, but obviously travel overseas a lot," he predicted, "If we were to move to Europe, Spain or Portugal would be our first choice- or Belgium."

Riot In Belgium's La Musique is out shortly on Relish Records.

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