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international news _ 6th February, 2007

Sasha Bottles Out

Text by Jonty Skrufff (Skrufff.com)

DJ Sasha cut short his set at Newcastle club Shindig last week after a mystery clubber hurled a glass at the progressive house don.

DJ magazine said the iconic trance DJ was uninjured by the glass, which shattered on the DJ booth, prompting Shindig boss Scott Bradford to stress they'd never had any similar incidents in 15 years of operating.

"I do hope Sasha will not let one moron put him off coming to Newcastle to play at a club where he is loved and adored by all," he told DJ. "I just hope people don't think we are all nutters up here."

The incident occurred a couple of years after Sasha cut short another set early following a missile incident after he jokingly threw a record into the crowd after the disc started jumping for the third time on the turntable (at a time Flies party in Cardiff).

"I was just being a bit silly and theatrical and I guess the record boomeranged onto something and hit this poor girl on the head," Sasha told Skrufff soon after the event.

"Her boyfriend grabbed hold of me, thinking that I'd thrown a glass at her or something and took me backstage and I went into this room with him to see this poor girl there with blood all over her face," he continued.

"After I'd seen that I was freaked out, I didn't know how the girl was and I didn't want her to think I didn't give a f**k by going back on and playing," he explained.

Slinky/ Koolwaters DJ and promoter Marc Vedo, who's ironically been described on occasion as 'the new Sasha', told Skrufff this week he experienced something similar last year, when he was standing on stage next to his regular DJ collaborator Boy George.

"I had to duck once when George flung a vinyl record across the stage," Marc recalled.

"The decks were jumping and he got so angry that he took the record off and threw it across the stage and it smashed into the side of the wall, really close to me. Then a couple of clubbers came up with each half and asked if wed sign it for them," he laughed.

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