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Jeff Mills

international news _ 17th February, 2006

Jeff Mills' Alien Intelligence

Text by Jonty Skrufff (Skrufff.com)

Detroit techno pioneer/ sci-fi fanatic Jeff Mills chatted to Skrufff this week about his upcoming DVD release marking the ten year anniversary of his seminal track The Bells and revealed that he genuinely believes in aliens.

"Yeah, I do, I admit it and it's logical for me to think that, because the universe is so large and there are so many things we don't know about," said Jeff, "And because of the level of our technology we have, we're not even able to see what's out there in the universe.

"It's probably just a matter of time or contact may have already happened or been held back from the public," he continued, "This planet is not protected by anything and we're basically floating in space, so at some point there should be contact with some thing, good or bad," he suggested.

Jeff's theories gained immediate support from Japanese UFO researcher Junichiro Nirasawa who this week blamed foot fetishist Martians for perpetrating the bizarre theft of 77 school girls' right slippers from a suburban Tokyo girls' high school, close to an area where numerous UFOs have recently been spotted. Police told Playboy Weekly they were mystified by the unusual robbery, which Mr Nirasawa said reminded him of typical Martian pranks such as Britain's crop circle phenomenom and the more sinister still unexplained cattle mutilations that have occurred in the United States.

"Venetians tend to have friendly feelings toward Earthlings, so they're unlikely to do that sort of thing, nearly all the aliens living together with humans are Martians. They're notorious for loving practical jokes," he explained.

"I'd say the case of the stolen schoolgirl slippers was probably their doing, too. It's not unthinkable," he suggested (The Mainichi Daily News).

Jeff Mills' The Bells is out now on Axis Records.

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