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international news _ 6th February, 2006

Curtain Call for EDM Digital

Text by Nick Lawrence (HigherFrequency)

Back in February 2004 things were looking good for the newly opened EDM Digital. Boasting talent including PQM, Chris Fortier, Habersham and Numinous, Paolo Mojo, Derek Howell and Digital Witchcraft the digital downloads site was a godsend for MP3 junkies everywhere.

However, two years on and it appears as if championing the progressive cause may not have been the best business sense as the download site was forced to close its doors this month. The news is a surprising revelation considering the current strength of the digital music industry.

EDM Digital was welcomed by many in the industry due to its support of independent artists as well as its unique approach to piracy issues illustrated in the company's press release, "There is nothing in place to stop you from buying a track and immediately sharing it on a peer-to-peer sharing system except for your own conscience and ethics".

While the exact reasons for the closure of iTunes' underground sibling are unclear, it can only be assumed that with the growing number of digital download sites now available competition became too fierce for EDM.

Despite being closed for business the website promises to reconcile all outstanding debts with artists and labels.

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