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Ewan Pearson

international news _ 19th December, 2006

Ewan Pearsonís Hamburger Horror

Text by Jonty Skrufff (Skrufff.com)

Rapture/ Tracey Thorne producer Ewan Pearson chatted to Skrufff this week about his increasingly successful career and revealed that he was so poor when he started that he made a living flipping hamburgers.

ďI worked in a burger van at the FA Cup final at Wembley once when Liverpool were playing Man U (United) and it was just miserable; that was a particular low point,Ē the nowadays Berlin based Brit laughed.

ďThough now thereís ever any danger of me getting at all diva-ish or complaining about a hotel room or being too tired because youíve just travelled a long distance, I remember that Iím incredibly lucky and Iím not working in a burger bar. Iím glad I did it.Ē

The former college lecturer and Cambridge graduate turned to the service industry after taking a year off to make a record (ĎI wanted to have a piece of vinyl with my name on it, in a shop, that was the sum of my ambitioní) though ended up landing an album deal with Soma and carving out a musical career.

ďI was always doing music as a teenager but I never imagined at that point making a living from it, music was a hobby; your realist head tells you that so few people manage to make a living,Ē he mused, ďBut this has been the year that Iíve realised Iím actually doing now what I hoped I would be doing, a lifetime ago, 17 years ago whenever it was.

Iíve actually produced 8 tracks of the Rapture album and half of the Tracey Thorne album and have more stuff to come next year. Itís taken a while (laughing loudly) but itís been great. Itís also been hard, hard work, Iíve worked harder this year than Iíve ever worked before. From January through to September I didnít have any break at all and was also DJing so itís been pretty intense- but brilliant,Ē said Ewan.

You know when you hear Daily Telegraph readers going on that everybody should have a stint in national service, well I think everybody should do a stint in the service industry- everybody should be made to work in a burger bar at least once,Ē he added, ďItís character building.Ē

Partial Artís Trauermusic (including a monstrous Alter Ego mix) is out shortly as is Tracey Thorneís new single Itís All True (co-written by Ewan, his studio mate Sasse and and Metro Areaís Darshan).

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