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international news _ 19th December, 2006

Headman Bashes Berlin

Text by Jonty Skrufff (Skrufff.com)

Relish Records punk-funk star Headman branded German club culture ‘pretty much minimal and monotonous’ this week, telling One Week To Live his music and DJing goes down much better in the UK and elsewhere in mainland Europe.

“Belgium is one of the best music countries, man,” the Swiss producer/DJ/ label chief declared, “And France is definitely happening as well, with Kitsune’ and Ed Banger over the last few years. They’re doing crazy dance music.”

Gildas from Kitsune, however, disputed that France is currently going through a particular musical renaissance, telling Skrufff ‘I think there’s always been good music being produced here, it’s just about media exposure’.

“I believe we’ve always been in a creative period and two years ago I was reading an article in FACT magazine about how France was thriving, talking about the new French revolution, then last April I read another article in the same magazine about the new French sound,” he said.

He also laughed off comments from Ed Banger boss Pedro Winter who told Stylus magazine recently ‘Kitsuné feeds the big clubs and sell a lot of records. We deliver underground hits for indie club kids, and I sell f**king less”.

“People see that being commercial is bad and making money isn’t good which isn’t my stance at all. I believe that you can be poppy and commercial and sell records while still doing quality projects. You don’t need to stay in the cave and play music to five people to be talented,” he said.

“But Ed Banger are not like that anymore anyway, because they’ve got Justice,” he pointed out.

“And me and Pedro are still friends of course, we are still working together on Daft Punk (the two manage and effectively run Daft Punk).

“We are not agreeing on everything but that’s fine. Ed Banger and Kitsune are two different views of things, which I think is interesting from the outside. Pedro’s developing artists and trends whereas I’m tending to do more compilations and putting out one-off singles,” he added.

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