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international news _ 12th December, 2006

Jellyfish Join Killer Bees In Miami Perfect Storm

Text by Jonty Skrufff (Skrufff.com)

Lifeguards posted purple flags along Miami’s beaches this week as shoals of deadly Portuguese man-of-war jellyfish started washing up on shore.

CBS News described the jellyfish as ‘one of the most feared beach creatures’ while Phil Wooton from Palm Beach County Ocean Rescue warned they will remain a threat until spring.

"They start in November and go through the holidays,” the marine expert biologist told the South Florida Sun-Sentinel. "The last thing you want is to have your back to the water and have one drift into your leg and wrap itself around.”

Berlin electro-italo uber-producer Sasse told Skrufff this week he’d be undeterred from attending March’s Winter Music Conference by the jellyfish though admitted Miami’s Africanized ‘killer bees’ are a different matter.

“I’m totally scared of killer bees and that’s why I’m not going,” said Sasse, “I’m scared of anything that’s small and flies and buzzes; I hate bugs.”

The Finnish DJ/ producer/ Moodmusic boss conceded however, that he annually overcomes his insect phobia to visit his wife’s family in Nicaragua (‘the bees there are huge, they’re terrible) and said he’s really avoiding Miami because he hated it there the last time he visited.

“I went to the Conference for one day in 2003, when we were on our way to Nicaragua but I lost all interest in it from that moment,” he said.

“Sure you can do business there but to be honest if I’m going to do business with somebody I’d rather call somebody and meet them one on one. The Conference might be good if you don’t know anybody and want to go to all those parties to meet people though if I want to have a good time I’ll go somewhere else.”

The reality of killer bees throughout Florida was formally confirmed last month by University of Florida entomologist. Dr. William H. Kern Jr. in an interview with local newspaper Treasure Coast Palm

"Martin County has them, St. Lucie County definitely has them, and they are increasingly abundant in Dade and Broward counties," Professor Kern said.

"We're not going to be able to stop them, they are established in Florida,"

The highly aggressive bees can attack when disturbed by loud noises such as lawnmowers (or sound systems!) and are known to vindictively pursue targets for over 300 metres.

“If you disturb a Killer Bee colony, run, run away as fast as possible either indoors or inside your car and call for help. The only appropriate response to any swarm of bee is, get far away, fast!,” Central Florida’s Channel 13 News advised, also last month.

“Common sense for outdoor activities when bees might be encountered include: watching for large numbers of bees (more than 20) and listen for buzzing. If you believe bee are in the area, leave,” they added.

Sasse recently teamed up with Berlin studio mate Ewan Pearson and Metro Area’s Darshan to write a song for Everything But The Girl singer Tracey Thorne. The result- It’s All True; is out in January on Virgin.

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