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international news _ 11th December, 2006

London Club Killing’s Territorial Terror

Text by Jonty Skrufff (Skrufff.com)

Shoreditch shooting victim Arian Arthur, 22, was murdered because he came from South London and was talking to a girl from North London, the Wimbledon Guardian reported this week, as police continued their search for his killer,

“According to witnesses, a man approached Mr Arthur and accused "you South London boys" of "coming here and taking our ladies’,” the Guardian claimed, “Shortly afterwards, the man returned and shot Mr Arthur in the back twice, fatally wounding him.”

Investigating officer Detective Chief Inspectoor Scott Wilson was less specific however, telling the Hackney Gazette the circumstances surrounding the early hours killing at the Jam Bar, remained murky.

"I don't believe this is going to be gang-related. Most probably there was an altercation and a verbal disagreement,” the Inspector said.

"Voices were raised, but we are not even sure whether the target was the intended target at all,” he added.

The shooting came days after three members of notorious South London gang the Muslim Boys were convicted of stabbing to death Charles Anokye outside Brixton’s Mass Club in August 2005, after the 23 year old care worker had drunkenly bumped into one of the gang inside the club. Mr Anokye and a friend were pursued as they left the club and set upon and stabbed 13 times.

"I saw Charles with some boys. They were running after him. There were about six of them. They were kicking and punching him,” his friend James Idamakin told the court, “He was on his feet then he fell.” (South London Press)

One of the mainly teenage gang members was convicted of murder; two manslaughter; two violent disorder, while two others face a retrial.

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