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international news _ 11th December, 2006

Ivan From Blackstrobe: I’m Not Really Moody As F**K

Text by Jonty Skrufff (Skrufff.com)

Notoriously French electro icon Ivan Smagghe chatted to Skrufff this week about Blackstrobe’s upcoming Greatest mixes album and insisted that he’s not quite as ferocious as he seems.

“I have; and I have not,” Ivan replied, when asked if he’d mellowed since confessing his ’reputation for being moody as f**k comes from working in the shop on a come down’ (on a Fabric press release last year).

‘All of this is about being quite reserved and shy, you know; even a shy person can have a big mouth,” he continued, “Though I suppose I am now able to cope with a lot more- I can switch off pretty easily. Stating that I’m moody in press releases is part of my defense system; If people, think you’re moody, they kind of leave you alone,” he said.

However, the Parisian tastemaker admitted he continues to get angry ‘on a regular basis’ with over-rated superstar DJs in particular winding him up.

“I think most superstar DJs are the ones who make the less effort,” he suggested, “They do not even buy records anymore and they play Final Scratch in order not to hurt their back.

“Or they proclaim ‘Ableton Creativity’ that rhymes with ‘I cannot be bothered with crate digging for the real gems” anymore”, he scoffed. “I have seen one very well know superstar turning at a gig with two CDs, with his whole set planned,” said Ivan, “Woooooooow! … I mean who is kidding who here?”

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