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Alex Gopher

international news _ 7th December, 2006

Gopher’s Fast Track To Second

Text by Nick Lawrence (HigherFrequency)

Now well rested from releasing his “Spam EP” in June of this year, French filter house pioneer Alex Gopher is readying his second ever artist album.

The self-titled piece will drop in the first quarter of next year and looks to follow on the success of Gopher’s 1999 debut “You, My Baby & I”. However, this friend of Air has changed his sound a lot since his first album after falling in with fellow Frenchman Etienne De Crecy and his electro charged Super Discount project. Together with Julien Delfaud the two artists were responsible for the 2005 fist pumper ‘Fast Track’.

In addition to his own solo album, Gopher was also recently commissioned to take charge of the mastering duties on Air artist Jean-Benoit Dunckel’s debut solo album which was released using the pseudonym Darkel and, like Gopher’s upcoming effort, was also self-titled.

“Alex Gopher” will be released in Japan on Rambling Records on February 3, 2007 and will include two bonus tracks.

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