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international news _ 6th December, 2006

Zombie Ravers Take On Terror Cops

Text by Jonty Skrufff (Skrufff.com)

Seven American Zombie ravers who spent 3 nights in jail after Minneapolis cops charged them with "simulating weapons of mass destruction," after they danced on a Minneapolis street corner around portable stereos, launched a lawsuit this week, claiming officers abused their rights.

The make-up loving zombies’ lawsuit claimed one cop ‘heatedly swore he didn't care about the zombies' constitutional rights and that he was going to teach the undead a lesson’ and complained that prison officers even removed one of the zombies' prosthetic legs while he was in jail. (Twin Cities News).

"The musical equipment had no resemblance to weapons of mass destruction, and its purpose and use could easily be ascertained," the lawsuit claim added, requesting $50,000 in damages.

The case comes at the end of a horrific year for the much mocked underground dance sect, who were targeted in March by psycho spree killer Kyle Duff, who shot six zombie ravers dead in Seattle, before turning his gun on himself.

“They’re packed in there, groping each other, having sex, this hippy stuff has to end,' Huff seethed, in a suicide note found months after the killings, “I’ve got to do something about it. These people are screwing up the world,” he raged (Seattle Post-Intelligencer.)

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