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Riley Reinhold

international news _ 6th December, 2006

Hiroshi Watanabe's Greek Genesis

Text by Nick Lawrence (HigherFrequency)

Accomplished Japanese artist and renowned Hellenist Hiroshi Watanabe is confirming his allegiance to his abundant Greek fan base by releasing his upcoming album “Genesis” on Athenian label Klik Records.

Besides producing the 8-track rave influenced record that is “Genesis”, Watanabe has also been busy of late employing his Kaito alias to release “Hundred Million Light Years” earlier in the year on Michael Mayer’s Kompakt imprint as well as the follow up beatless version “Hundred Million Love Years”.

Watanabe’s artistic flair even extends outside of the realm of music, the budding photographer being awarded the first prize in the Photolucida awards in 2005 and his works having been displayed at the Bonni Benrubi gallery in New York.

To commemorate his second album release for the Greek label, Watanabe will be heading to the home of the Parthenon for a DJ set on the final day of the Gregorian calendar year.

“Genesis” will be released on Klik Records in conjunction with Octave-Lab on January 20.

01. Sui-sei
02. Illumination
03. Your Smile, Tears
04. Genesis
05. Omega
06. Sight
07. Grace
08. Genesis (Beatless Version)

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