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Riley Reinhold

international news _ 1st December, 2006

Triple R’s Fifth Selection

Text by Nick Lawrence (HigherFrequency)

Traum Schallplatten head honcho Riley Reinhold is set to release the fifth edition of his “Selection” series on Trapez early next year.

Calling himself Triple R, bonus points for guessing where the extra R comes from, Reinhold has selected twenty tracks from his Trapez imprint that best represent the label’s sound. Disc highlights come in the form of Gabriel Ananda’s bounce ridden remix of ‘You Got Good Ash’ and the comic stylings of Noze on ‘Kitchen’.

Also appearing on “Selection 5” is American artist Jeff Samuel who just last month released his debut album “Step”.

“Selection 5” will be released on January 22.

01. Riley Reinhold / Point Zero
02. Shane Berry / Fillertet 2 (Dominik Eulberg Remix)
03. Rico Pustel / Chief Redden
04. Eyerer & Atto / Supersnack
05. Marek Bois / You Got Good Ash (Gabriel Ananda Remix)
06. SLG / Rushhour
07. Luke Le Mans / The Docks
08. 3 Channels / Amnesia
09. Jeff Samuel / Gonadodropin
10. Sandiego / Rogoredo
11. Florian Meindl / Tamiflop 2
12. Alex Under / El Danubio Universal
13. Swat-Squad / Escoria (Audio Werner Remix)
14. Mark-Henning / Pokerbot
15. Andrea Ferlin / Clear
16. Noze / Kitchen
17. UND / Fox in the Box
18. Renato Figoli / La Stelle Sono Tante
19. Toro / Geht auf Zwei
20. Eyerer & Atto / Supersnack (Oliver Hacke Remix)

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