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international news _ 20th December, 2005

Kylie the Best Dance Music Has To Offer

The 48th Annual Grammy Awards nominations have been announced this month amidst the usual press fanfare. Kanye West and Gwen Stefani are two names that appear several times in the major categories but what about the awards a little lower down the list that most of us find infinitely more interesting. Well, nominated for Best Dance Recording this year are the Chemical Brothers, industry stalwarts New Order, Deep Dish, the Aussie pop-princess Kylie Minogue, mainstream dance music's favourite son Fatboy Slim and finally the slightly more underground LCD Soundsystem.

The category for Best Electronic/Dance Album further demonstrated the Recording Academy's faltering connection with the dance music industry as names such as Kraftwerk, the Chemical Brothers and Fatboy Slim made it onto the list supposedly representing the best in new music. Up for the award for Best Remixed Recording were Louie Vega, Adam Freeland, Guetta and Garraud's for their take on 'Flashdance' and pop/house/indie confused Jacques Lu Cont.

Text : Nick Lawrence

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