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international news _20th December, 2005

Is Moby Made of Stars?

Pop/dance crossover star Moby was obviously not fully satisfied with his 2002 visit to NASA's Johnson Space Center in Houston, Texas. The artist has recently signed up to be on Virgin Galactic's first commercial flight into space. At a mere US$207,000 the man who brought us 'We Are All Made of Stars' would be a fool to pass up this opportunity. Dave Navarro, better known as the frontman of Jane's Addiction, has already signed up too but for a later flight. So, as things stand Moby looks to be the first musician to make the trip into outer space. However, as the flight doesn't depart until 2010 there is plenty of time for other popstars with too much money to also get in on the action.

Virgin Galactic is the brainchild of charismatic billionaire Richard Branson. The company promises to offer "almost anyone to visit the final frontier at an affordable price" by the end of this decade. So what has long been the dream of young and old worldwide is now suddenly a reality. Well, as long as you have released a platinum record.

Text : Nick Lawrence

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