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Judge Jules

international news _ JONTY SKRUFFF _ 19th December, 2005

Judge Jules' Critical Crisis

Ultra-confident though much maligned Radio 1 star DJ Judge Jules has confirmed he'll be releasing a brand new solo artist album next Spring and also revealed that he's surprisingly sensitive to personal criticism.

"I think there have only really been two crises in my career; firstly dealing with the fact that some people seem to have a negative opinion about me, regardless of whether they've actually heard me play," Jules told Skrufff.

"The only way to deal with it has been to stick to my guns and remain true to what I believe in. It will always affect you to some degree when people knock you, but it's best to draw positives and try to emerge stronger," he mused.

"I wouldn't describe myself as ever having been over confident," he added, "It's all about very hard work and being focused. 99% of my gigs are rammed, but it's quite a healthy kick in the butt to play the odd quiet gig- this stops over confidence and reminds you never to become complacent."

"On a broader level the other crisis has been trying to fend off the suggestion (particularly in 2002/2003) that dance is dying when there's been no evidence of this that I could see," Jules continued.

"As one of our world's more prominent spokespeople I've taken it as a personal responsibility to talk up the dance scene in every interview possible."

Chatting to Australia's 3D World last week, Jules did exactly that, mocking 'idiotic 40-something journalists saying the kids should put down their Technics and pick up a guitar'.

"If you drew a graph, at one end you'd have 10% into bands; at the other 10% into dance," said Jules, "and the 80% in between would be just as likely to listen to club music as they are to buy a rock album." (Jonty Skrufff)

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