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international news _ JONTY SKRUFFF _ 9th December, 2005

Dead Sexy Duo Diss Dead Pretentious French

Stephane Herve from French electro-punk icons Dead Sexy Inc chatted to Skrufff this week about the Parisian duo's intense interest in US culture and revealed that he believes Americans are often more enlightened than the French.

"I'm harsh with the French people because a lot of them have an attitude of saying 'we're very literate, we have a strong culture and we're very political' but what I find with the French is that a lot of people talk a lot but don't really act," said Stephane.

"I'm very political and I have a social conscience and what was interesting to me about moving to Hollywood in 2000 was discovering that when people do politics there they do it in a very underground but really hardcore way too,"

Along with his Dead sexy partner Emmanuelle Hubart, Stephane recently filmed a road movie in the States, driving along a letter S line and interviewing characters including Marilyn Manson, David LaChappelle and David Lynch along the way, though they're nowadays based back in Paris,

"I stayed there for four years but I was travelling backwards and forwards between Europe and in fact spending time in America gave me a better impression of Europe," he continued.

"It pushed me to seek out the people who are really doing things rather than spending time with people who I actually hated, who were doing the same thing over and over again and pretending to be radical, Being there gave me perspective."

In more French news, a report on the country's much fabled civilised relationship with alcohol said this week that France is in a state of 'national denial' with over 7million French people having serious problems with booze.

"We just see the good side, never the fact that drink is the third greatest cause of avoidable deaths in France," said study author Herve Chabalier. "One French person in ten is ill as a result of alcohol and every day, five people die after an accident linked to alcohol." (Guardian).

Dead Sexy Inc spin 3 sets in London next weekend, at the Cock (Friday 9th), Club Motherfucker (Saturday 10), the Oxfam Christmas Record Shop (93 Feet East, Sunday 11) then play live at Caligula (on Tuesday December 13). (Jonty Skrufff)

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