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international news _ JONTY SKRUFFF _ 9th December, 2005

Hot Dayum- London's New 'Festival In A Club'

Pioneering London club promoter Steve Swindells chatted to Skrufff this week about his new monthly festival-in-a-club' style night Dayum and said he was delighted with the crowd who came down to Heaven on its opening night.

"There was a really friendly, funky-meets-freaky vibe going on, and all the tribes of London seemed to be there, from black gays to spiky-haired punks and Hoxton arty-types and fashionistas to rockers and musicians both ancient (me) and modern, like Marlon Bramble, a twenty year-old singer," said Steve.

"Just to prove the point, my nephew Micail, who's18, came and he loved the urban music vibe in the Rayum! Room."

The club's music policy provides a wildly diverse selection of musical styles and performers playing everything except 'naff, cheesy, ravey, instrumental house bollocks and bog-standard, trancey hard house; or handbag', Steve stressed.

"Quality is an important word, as is diversity. Another important word for us is dance," he continued. "You can expect music across the board from bands, musicians, singers, DJs, and rappers along with iPod sets from the artists involved. They'll be different rooms with different vibes at different times, sometimes live."

The line-up for their upcoming Xmas party includes Bizarre Inc singer Angie Brown, Yr Mum & Yr Dad and Nina Silvert (all live), pole dancing quartet Poles Apart and jam sessions from musicians including Chaka Khan bassist Silvio and Steve himself (being an ex member of Hawkwind). DJs on the night include Vikki Edwards, DJ Hokim, Pam Hogg and Jonty Skrufff (playing a 3 hour electro-disco-tech set in the main room).

And why's it called Dayum?

"Hell, Dayum! Why not?" said Steve,

The next party runs from 10.30 until 6am (with alcohol served all the way through) on Thursday December 22. The Skrufff crew will also be having their proxy Xmas party on the night with a 2 pound guest list for all Skrufff readers and their friends. For further information, email Jonty Skrufff at jonty@skrufff.com (Jonty Skrufff)

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