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international news _ 22nd December, 2004

ID&T Closes

The Dutch dance music label ID&T, one of the most powerful and widely recognised forces in electronic music both inside and outside of Holland has announced its closure with company instead focusing on media and club events.

The label, home to Marco V Rank 1, Marcel Woods and Paul Van Dyk also has a successful radio station and magazine and accusations of conflicting interests from other labels who claimed that the company was giving preference to it's own artists was the main reason for the closure of the label and not, as many would have thought, because the label was losing money.

However an announcement shortly followed that the current head of A+R at ID&T, Dick De Groot will form his own new label called 'Be Yourself Music' which will continue the release of ID&Ts hugely successful compilation series as well as taking with it the entire ID&T back catalogue.

But for all fans of all things Dyk and Marco V etc although the legitimacy of the intended closure may be up for question you can be sure that the labels stars will be trancing it up for years to come.

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