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Momma Gravy

international news _ 22nd December, 2004

Adios Momma Gravy

Momma Gravy is back just months after the successful Fabric 18 release produced together with Baby Mammoth and Beige with a new artist album released on the Birmingham based Different Drummer label. Hailing from the tightly knit music community from Kingston upon Thames in the north of England from which the group was born was also responsible for Fila Brazilia, as well as the legendary Pork recordings.

'Adios' is their second album and continues theirs and Different Drummer's reputation for producing refreshingly unique music. Dancefloor friendly almost guaranteed hits are mingled with electro and vocorded, downtempo epics to complete an album that is so good comparisons with French duo Air have already been made and anyone who is compared to them you should definitely check out!

Eclectic leftfield fans walk this way.

1. Sizzling Finch.
2. Aah Bisto.
3. 60's Girl.
4. Driff Kicker.
5. Diamonds & Dimebags.
6. Flying Seed.
7. Muscae Volantes
8. Ooley?
9. Blowing off.
10. Merhaba.
11. You Really Are.
12. Thai Skiing.

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