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international news _ 17th December, 2004

Changes at Godskitchen

Big changes have gone on at one of the UKs biggest promoters Godskitchen, responsible for the Global Gathering summer rave up that's fast becoming the best and biggest dance music event on the festival calendar. In the same week that it was announced that the company was to split with it's parent company in the US, San Francisco based Spundae, the biggest party promoters in the US, it announced that it's UK festival, Global Gathering is going to be extended next year to span 2 nights instead of the previous one.

Celebrating it's 5th anniversary next year the event will now be extended starting at 5pm on Friday featuring a lineup with greater emphasis on live acts. The second day's merriment starts at 2pm the following day and goes until the following morning and big respect to anyone who is still standing at that point. Camping will be available on-site to truly give Global Gathering the authentic festival feel, (it just doesn't feel like a festival unless you haven't washed for a few days does it?) and with such a cracking lineup at this years event if the organisers manage to double that then no electronic music fan in their right mind would miss it.

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