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Newtwork London

international news_ 17th December, 2004

Another London Dance Music Festival

Just days after the announcement of the first ever London Dance Music Conference another company has stepped forward with what looks like the same plans and ambition as the first.

Network London is due to take place a month and a half after Encompass London and like its competitor will aim to fill the music conference void that surprisingly currently exists in the UK capital. Taking place on the 10th and 11th of June at the indistinct Earls Court exhibition centre in South London the daytime events including the usual meet, greet and seminar sessions will be supplemented by performances by labels and artists and of course a massive fair of the latest high tech DJ gadgets.

Night will see the focus of the event shift to some of the many clubs dotted around the city with performances from some of the as yet unconfirmed visitors to the event.

Nothing at all then two at once although time will inevitably tell which organiser comes out top but whoever does the rewards are clear. Control over a music conference that with time has could eventually grow to become the biggest in the world.

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