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international news _ 29th August, 2006

Moby Keeps It Reel

Text by Jonty Skrufff (Skrufff.com)

New York star Moby ramped up promotion for his upcoming Greatest Hits compilation this week, with the publication of a typically spicy retrospective career biography.

“I did an interview 15 years or so ago in which I said I was a vegan and a Christian, and at the time I wasn't drinking,” he said, “That image still follows me around - in Britain at least; in the rest of the world, they just see me as this weird New York guy who makes records.”

The nowadays penitent superstar also stressed he’s delighted to have renounced Puritanism, confessing “I was ideologically quite uptight in those days and very rigid in my belief systems, but I've become a lot more relaxed in recent years.”

“Why?,” he continued, “Because I realized it's a very complicated, nuanced, multi-faceted world, and having inflexible belief systems just doesn't work.”

He also owned up to being ‘obsessed with politics’ in the 1990's (‘I felt everything in the world from a social and environmental perspective was wrong’ he explained) which seemed markedly similar to his present day outlook, expressed on his website journal at Moby.com

“It's worth remembering that most of our 'enemies' (Saddam, the Taliban, Noriega, etc) were former allies who we helped to install in power,” he pointed out in a lengthy diatribe against George Bush this week, “Fun fact: the training base where al Qaeda trained in Afghanistan was originally set up and funded by the CIA during the cold war,” he said.

Moby- ‘Very Best Of Moby’ is out on November 6.

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