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international news _ 23rd August, 2006

UK Cops Sound Bank Holiday Rave Alarm

Text by Jonty Skrufff (Skrufff.com)

Police forces from North London to Norfolk urged the public to be on the lookout for fliers advertising raves and suspicious young people, this week, as part of an ongoing nationwide campaign tracking free parties in the UK.

Ipswich police chief Superintendent Mike Shields told the Suffolk Evening Star they’re reliant on informers and land-owners tipping them off and said landowners in particular should look out for cut locks on gates or outbuildings.

“With the lead up to the bank holiday weekend plans are under way to ensure we prevent and deter any illegal raves taking place across the county,” the Superintendent said. “If anyone hears that a rave is planned, or they witness a large group of vehicles gathering, we would urge them to report it immediately. It could be that the vehicles are meeting to leave in a convoy to attend a rave.”

Meanwhile in North London, the Enfield Independent suggested raves are growing in popularity again “as a reaction to the chav culture that is over-taking the club scene’ and echoed the concerns of the Ipswich cops.

"We have no specific intelligence but we do advise owners of large sites to check the security of their property and remain vigilant to unusual activity,” environment chief Ray Brewer told the paper, "The police and local authority have powers to take enforcement action and prosecution, but prevention is always better than cure."

Local authorities in Brent, close to Enfield, meanwhile, brought injunctions against two rave organizers who allegedly planned a repeat party at Welsh Harp Local Nature Reserve last weekend, and issued a triumphant press release last week, celebrating the ban.

“The earlier event took place on public land without permission, broke park bylaws caused damage to the nature reserve and lots of disturbance to local people. We are pleased to have stopped it happening again,” said Councillor Irwin Van Colle, Brent Council’s Lead Member for Environment, Planning and Culture.

“Organisers did well to heed our warning. If they had tried to go ahead, they could have been arrested and their equipment seized and destroyed.”

“Brent Council is determined to take tough action and prevent anti-social behaviour like this taking place,” they added.