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international news _ 17th August, 2006

The Horrorist Defends Zombie Ravers To The Grave

Text by Jonty Skrufff (Skrufff.com)

US zombie rave icon The Horrorist (aka Oliver Chessler) this week condemned cops who busted seven ravers for possessing 'simulated weapons of mass destruction' recently, after the revellers danced around portable stereos on a Minneapolis street corner.

“I actually like to call them ‘Gravers’ and sometimes I admit I'm one too,” said Oliver, “The police who arrested the freaks just didn't like the loud music. I really miss the days of the boom-box. People need to hear what artists are saying whether they like it or not,” he said.

The American star also spoke out about zombie raver psycho killer Kyle Huff who shot six revellers dead in Seattle last March, before turning his gun on himself.

“As far as Kyle Huff is concerned, I’ve got two things to say,” he declared. “Firstly, he was from Montana and as we all know they are all murderers there. And secondly he was a drummer so either he thought the drum machine was taking jobs from him or he's like all drummers... a douche bag,” he scoffed.

Oliver, who recently moved to Germany from New York, said he feels considerably safer in his new home, explaining ‘its always dangerous to stand out and look different, but living in Berlin is cool because this place is filled with goths and lots of older ladies have green or blue hair.”

He also welcomed the Sunday Times’ prediction this week that Gothic eye make-up is ‘set for a big Autumn comeback’, declaring ‘I’m so into it- Let the darkness enter, everyone in black.”

The return of Goth was first predicted by indie uber-hipster Steve Mason of the now disbanded Beta Band who in 2004 admitted to being secretly impressed by the flamboyant misfits.

“When you see Goths in the street, your instant reaction is to think of them as idiots,” he The Guardian. “But I think that Goths are the best thing ever invented because at least they’re daring to put on a load of make-up and wear silly clothes.”

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