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international news _ 9th August, 2006

New York Superclub’s Shooting Confusion

Text by Jonty Skrufff (Skrufff.com)

Mystery surrounded the shooting of two women by the same bullet at Manhattan superclub Crobar last week, after reports emerged in the New York press, that they were shot by a mobile phone gun being fired accidentally.

Eyewitness and Crobar club promoter Eric Soler told the Village Voice he’d been standing almost next to insurance executives Angelita Dunkley and Antoinette Bryan when they were hit and said there’d been no fight or commotion at all, and went on to claim that cops were investigating the possibility the girls had been responsible themselves, a point their lawyer vigorously disputed.

“The girls did not shoot themselves,” Fred Brown told the Voice, “We intend to look into the facts to see if the club has a long history of violence. There is no truth to that theory at all. I think it's so outlandish. Nobody could believe it,” he added.

In more New York news, city officials declared a heat emergency this week as temperatures soared to heat index (humidity+ air temperature) levels of 46ºC, prompting Mayor Bloomberg to urge people to avoid using air conditioners below 25ºC to save power.

"It is miserably hot outside and hard on everyone,” the Mayor told the New York Post, “This is a dangerous heatwave. It's really more than just uncomfortable, it can seriously threaten lives."

Meanwhile in Miami, Twilo promoter Hilton Wolman issued a triumphant thank you letter celebrating the successful re-launch of the erstwhile New York institution and said they’ve already addressed all the complaints they received on the opening night of Construction Party.

“This past weekend the air-conditioning worked perfectly, and we had no service related complaints,” said Hilton.

“We've also put up the disco-ball that so many people asked for, and added some extra boxes for people to dance on. Sound and lighting continue to be augmented, even though most people judge them already perfect,” he added.