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international news _ 8th August, 2006

Mediterranean Jellyfish Plague- Ibiza Next?

Text by Jonty Skrufff (Skrufff.com)

Health emergency organisation the Red Cross warned this week that Spain’s East Coast is suffering from a ‘plague of jellyfish’ with over 3,000 holidaymakers being stung in Catalonia in the last seven days.

The Red Cross revealed they’ve treated over 10,000 people in the area so far this summer, while in Italy a 150km (93 mile) strip of beaches centred around Lazio was closed after jellyfish and toxic algae made bathing a health hazard. The economically disastrous closures promoted Italian newspaper La Republica to declare ‘the sea is becoming feverish’ while Il Messagero warned ‘The Mediterranean is gravely ill’.

Both jellyfish incidents reflected the growing difficulties facing Mediterranean resorts including Ibiza which has seen dance celebrities including Azuli’s Dave Piccioni and Jacques Lu Cont’ muse Juliet being stung by the monsters in recent years as well as Nude London/ Ibiza promoter Terry Hart.

“A few years ago I had been in Ibiza for just two hours when I went swimming and got stung on my face,” Terry told Skrufff this week.

“When the vinegar did not work I ended up pissing onto a towel and dabbing it on my face, then four days later I was stung twice in the same f++king day. So to say I have a hatred towards them is understandable,” he admitted.

Despite his experiences, Terry revealed he’ll be decorating his upcoming Nude party at Ministry Of Sound with jellyfish art installations to reflect the ‘underwater’ theme of the event.

“The plan is to create a more arty/cutting-edge feel to the Bar area of the club using ceiling hanging installations of jelly fish- they’re huge creations that will move - quite sci-fi meets romantic,” he explained.

“The jellyfish will be acting as a back drop for Johnny Woo and the Nudist Colony to submerge themselves into the aquatic depths to create a twisted, enigmatic world of what lurks beneath,” he added.

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