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international news _ 7th August, 2006

DJ Mag’s Top 100 Launches Best Electro (etc) DJ Poll

Text by Jonty Skrufff (Skrufff.com)

DJ Magazine unveiled details of this year’s top 100 DJ poll this week and revealed that they’ll be awarding medals for new categories including ‘Best House DJ’, ‘Best Electro DJ’ and ‘Best Hard Dance DJ’ at this year’s awards party.

The magazine predicted they’ll attract even more votes than the 123,933 the hugely poll received last year, despite increasing criticism from many of the DJs featured in last year’s poll including Sander Kleinenburg who in December branded it ‘the most ridiculous thing that’s ever penetrated our scene’.

“Don’t forget that the only people that vote in these things are 19 year old spotty guys,” the Dutch star (position 20) told Australian magazine 3D World, “I don’t think you’re going to get a beautiful 23 year old woman that goes to the website to vote after having a great night out.”

UK techno lord Dave Clarke (36) also spoke harshly earlier this year telling Skrufff ‘if capitalism is the new Christianity, Van Dyk must be God and Tiesto Jesus.’

“The recognition that means the most to me is a room full of bouncing booty and happy faces whilst listening to music that is alternative to the scrote that trance DJs ‘play’,” Dave added.

“It’s about being bankable but keeping it true, following your beliefs and yet still being successful all over the world. Soldiers get their awards posthumously.”

Danny Howells (25) also complained about stars like Slam being omitted from the poll, while New York house star Victor Calderone (60) told Skrufff “I want to be a part of it but it is very much about hype.”

“It’s great to be on the list and to be acknowledged but it’s just hype in my eyes,” said Victor, “The bottom line is that if you’re working, staying focused and putting out good music, that’s what’s important,” he suggested.

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