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Mike Monday

international news _ 2nd August, 2006

All You Can Eat With Mike Monday’s Smorgasbord

Text by Nick Lawrence (HigherFrequency)

Oxford University music degree graduate and London DJ Mike Monday is finally about to release his debut artist album after over ten years of producing dance music. The album was originally intended as an EP sampler for DJs ears only but thanks to encouragement from his wife as well as his Playtime record label partner, Monday decided to churn out a full album entitled “Smorgasbord”.

With recording and mastering complete Mike was still unhappy with the results after listening to the eleven track disc for the first time while cycling home from the studio. However, there was a thankfully mostly painless solution to the problem as Mike Monday explains, “I ended up taking out a track and reordering it slightly. I never appreciated how much just one track can unbalance an entire album, so was surprised at how much happier I was without the superfluous track.”

Mike Monday first burst onto the scene back in 1995 when he recorded the popular ‘Wide Open Spaces’ along with Big C who is now one half of Groove Armada. Since then Monday has released numerous singles for London based Whoop! Records and in 2002 set up his own label Playtime. As well as his new artist album Mike has also just taken control of his own radio programme on London’s newest radio station Push FM.

“Smorgasbord” will be released in the first week of September on Playtime.

01. Onshu
02. What Day Is It?
03. Fun With A K
04. Zumzum
05. Thing
06. Tooting Warrior
07. Ode To Jack
08. Is Dream Of Ducks
09. Late Developer
10. When The Rain Falls

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