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international news _ JONTY SKRUFFF _ 25th August, 2005

Ravers 'Desecrate' Great Wall of China

Leading Chinese newspaper The China Daily launched a ferocious campaign against dance parties taking place on the Great Wall this week, claiming that the 'alcohol and drug enhanced orgies' threatened the sanctity of China's key national symbol.

According to the paper, 1,000 revellers attending a recent 'Wild Dancing Party' on the Jinshanling section, left behind litter including beer bottles while some even urinated against the Great Wall.

"When the Wall is used as a stage to hold such an indecent carnival, the outpouring of public outrage is to be expected," China Daily declared.

"People have every reason to be concerned about both the physical damage such an unruly party could do to the Wall, and the psychological harm such desecration of what is the greatest symbol of Chinese culture and history could do to the Chinese people," they added.

Skrufff contributor Simon Napier-Bell, who produced China's first ever pop concert in the 80s when he took his band Wham into the country, was unimpressed, pointing out 'For over two thousand years the Great Wall has withstood attacking hordes from the north - it should be able to stand up to a bit of wee-wee from a few raving teenagers."

"The authorities seemed much less concerned about the sanctity of such things when they destroyed Beijing's ancient city walls and pulled down most of its fine old houses. Still, perhaps a few Portaloos at the next gig would be good idea," he suggested.

The newspaper went on to condemn all the Great Wall dance parties of the last eight years, which includes Paul Oakenfold's groundbreaking set which he turned into a mix CD in 2003 ('Perfecto Presents Great Wall - Paul Oakenfold').

"It was one of the best and most memorable gigs that I have ever done," Oakey told Lunar Magazine soon after the gig.

"The Great Wall is a historic place, and it was an amazing feeling to be there playing music. It started pouring with rain in the middle of the show, which is considered good luck in China," he added.
(Jonty Skrufff)

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