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Billie Ray Martin

international news _ JONTY SKRUFFF _ 23rd August, 2005

Billie Ray Martin Launches London Club (August 31)

Electro diva/ chanteuse Billie Ray Martin unveiled details of her brand new central London club Komputerliebe this week and revealed she'll be taking up DJing for the very first time.

"I guess I am a singer first and foremost and usually don't stray from that territory much but I wanted to get out of the house and what I hear in other clubs doesn't do it for me right now," Billie told Skrufff.

"So now I'm getting out of the house and have a brand new record bag as well- fabuloso," she laughed.

The Gigolo Records star admitted that her turntable skills remain rudimentary and added she'd not been practising 'for a while'.

"DJing's not about keeping people on the dancefloor and drilling their brains with similar beats in order to keep them twitching; beat-matching doesn't have any meaning to me," she explained.

"It's about people going 'wow, wow, wow, I've not heard this before, or ever, or for a long time'."

"Having said that, I will probably pick up a few tricks sooner rather than later and will no doubt become more skilled," she added.

Co-promoting the club With Billie is Senor Mick, frontman of Brighton based electrofunk act Mula , spinning 'Kraftwerk to Bowie, Suicide to Daft Punk, Wire to Sparks, Plastic Bertrand to DJ Hell, Human League to New International Electro', they promise. Dress directions are also strict, with Billie promising to wear her 'imitation' tiara.

"Dress up to the nines," she stressed, 'Please dress up like rapists."

Komputerliebe starts Wednesday,31 August and takes place every last Wednesday of the month at: downstairs at 43 South Molton St. time:10-2am door 5 Pounds.(Jonty Skrufff)

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