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Danny Howells

international news _ JONTY SKRUFFF _ 23rd August, 2005

Danny Howell's Cosmetic Concerns

UK prog-house star Danny Howells prepared to launch his new London night Dig Deeper at the End this week, though admitted that one of the key factors determining how long he continues DJing is his image.

"I'll keep going until I feel like I look too old or I can't carry my record box anymore," the 30-something former psychiatric nurse told Time Out, "When I'm old I'd like to have a small regular night in London somewhere."

Chatting to Skrufff last year, Danny admitted he's already started wearing make-up at gigs, as a direct result of worrying about his looks.

"You hit your thirties and start noticing the odd wrinkle so I think how can I prolong it for a bit longer," said Danny, "If you look at someone like Mick Jagger, he started plastering it on in the 70s until around 1975 and I think he had some good responses with it."

"I don't wear make-up that regularly but I started wearing it when I was a gothic, when I was 18 years old," he added, "I was quite influenced by that black panda eye look, that Dusty Springfield look, I used to do that now and again and crimp my hair."

Electro-popster 30-something heartthrob Alison Goldfrapp raised the very same issue on the Observer this week, predicting "One day my looks will go and people will say, God, look at the state of her.'

"Ultimately, it will all fall apart," she declared

Danny Howells plays the entire night at the End on Saturday August 20. (Jonty Skrufff)

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