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Eyes Need Sugar

international news _ JONTY SKRUFFF _ 18th August, 2005

Eyes Need Sugar: London Is More Cosmopolitan Than Paris

Acclaimed French electro club Eyes Meet Sugar holds their first ever party in London this weekend, taking over Room 2 at Andy Farley's Blue party at Fire (Saturday August 7).

Resident spinners Max and Elodie Nelson from the Paris based 'electro-queer club' will be spinning on the night, which promoter Bruno told Skrufff he hopes will be the first of many.

"I think English clubbers are more passionate, in the way they dance, they dress, they drink," Bruno (somewhat surprisingly) suggested, "London is so much more cosmopolitan than Paris and there is so much more to do here though it's so much more expensive as well," he added.

He also stressed his club is aimed at straight clubbers as well as gays, explaining 'Eyes Meet Sugar has always been about cutting edge music for a cutting edge crowd."

"When we created the club, the idea was to make sure that gays and their friends could dance to a different style of music that wasn't available in other clubs in Paris, we wanted to cater for all those poofs who love electro, but up until then could only listen to it in straight clubs. But I prefer talking about it as a mixed party as mixed clubs always have the best atmospheres," said Bruno.

Blue takes place at Fire in Vauxhall, Saturday August 7: TrevotrRockliffe and Andy Farley headline in the main room. (Jonty Skrufff)

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