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David Guetta

international news _ JONTY SKRUFFF _ 18th August, 2005

DJ's Hair-Raising Fashion Faux Pas

DJ Magazine debated David Guetta's decision to front an ad campaign for L'Oreal hair gel with a double page spread in their latest issue, pulling up the French star over his explanation that if Beyonce could do it then so could he.

"R&B divas are meant to spend hours over their hair, male house DJs like Guetta are supposed to have it shorn off so it doesn't get in the way of their headphones," said DJ, "You'd do well to name a single DJ who is a style icon, let alone a hair icon."

The British magazine also discussed DJ haircuts in a feature discussing veteran DJs refusing to retire, pointing out that many have few alternatives away from the dance floor.

"You can't really imagine, say, John Digweed, ditching his DJ career in favour of chartered accountancy," they scoffed, "Although his sensible haircut might suggest otherwise."

Veteran house DJ Kenny Hawkes also pointed out that few DJs have any hair left at all, a fact (hairless) Carl Cox also considered in a recent interview with Mixmag.

"Tough music and a tough look go hand in hand," he suggested, when asked why so many techno DJs are bald, "But I also think it's the stress. Techno's not commercial and it's hard to get people to understand it," he mused, "We're not Britney Spears."

Metrosexual techno type Ade Fenton also admitted that hair styles had partially influenced him to start wearing make-up, telling Skrufff last year "one of the main reasons I wear make-up, apart from the fact that I think I look better with it, it is that I don't just want to be another faceless techno DJ, particularly when I perform."

"I don't want to be another bald, stumpy, fat guy in a tracksuit," said Ade.(Jonty Skrufff)

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