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Global Gathering

international news _ JONTY SKRUFFF _ 16th August, 2005

Global Gathering 'Blessed By God'

Global Gathering chief James Algate chatted to Skrufff this week and said he's delighted with the decision to expand the already massively successful festival from one night to two.

"I would say that the vibe and the atmosphere of this year's event was by far the best that we have encountered over the past 5 years and I believe that part of this was down to the camping as all the people that came were there to have a great couple of days and have an escape," he said.

"It was a bold move and a big step for us moving to two days, but we've always wanted to push the boundaries of the event and keep reinventing the wheel and not become stale as other events have done," he added.

James admitted the expansion caused a few unexpected teething problems, including a bottleneck on Friday afternoon.

"We opened the campsite at 10am but unfortunately everyone decided to arrive just before the main arenas opened which caused excessive queues for people trying to get in," he said.

"We also had a long hard slog with the local authorities over this year's event as we wanted to add the extra day and had problems from last years event with traffic and noise issues, though as it happens they are now incredibly happy about the whole show."

"Overall, the gods were smiling over us as it seemed that we were the only place in the country that got away with a dry weekend," he concluded.

"A lot of the DJs said that they had to drive through terrible rain to get to the event and when they arrived on site it was as if there was a magic circle around the whole place."(Jonty Skrufff)

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