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Ferry Corsten

international news_9th August, 2005

Cheesy Trance Chief's Unsavoury Flavour

Ferry Corsten released details of his latest mix CD Creamfields-Ferry Corsten this week and revealed that he's started calling his 'unique "electro" influenced take on trance' 'Loud Electronic Ferocious' (or LEF for short).

"Ferry's 2003 track 'Punk' really highlighted his new sound," the CD' accompanying press release explains, "Its sound stood out from the same identikit trance that has been giving the sound a bad name."

Despite the Dutch cheesemeister's shameless purloining of the term, Corsten cheerfully owned up to having no punk rock credentials whatsoever last year, admitting 'punk was well before my time'.

"I thought the name suggests a raw and dirty image, the look of an in-your-face guy with lots of tattoos, a spiky mohawk and so on, when I think of punk, that's the image that comes to my mind, not necessarily the music," Corsten told Skrufff.

"I always used to see these guys running around Amsterdam dressed like that and I'd be thinking 'What an idiot'."

In the same interview, he was marginally more punk rock when asked how he felt about critics calling him cheesy, growling 'firstly we have to establish what 'cheesy' is? Define it!"

"I just make music for myself first and if it reaches other people, that's great," he continued. "I really couldn't care less about sneering comments like that. To me, the results speak for themselves."

Creamfields- Ferry Corsten is out on New State Recordings shortly.
(Jonty Skrufff)

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