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international news_9th August, 2005

Lindstrom's Laptop DJ Concerns

Norwegian leftfield remix star Hans-Peter Lindstrom chatted to Skrufff this week about his upcoming date at London's Nodisko Live and revealed that he's decided to cut back on DJing to concentrate on performing.

"I used to DJ more before and I still like to play records but I've recently come to the conclusion that there are so many really good DJs out there, who are dedicating their life to chasing records and keeping updated on new music," said Hans-Peter, " It was easier for me before because I had more time to buy records but now I have no time left."

The suddenly ubiquitous producer has recently delivered remixes for LCD Soundsystem, Chicken Lips, Aden Tyrell and more as well as completing his self titled debut artist album Lindstrom & Prins Thomas, though admitted he remains ambiguous about people's reactions when he performs.

"I often end up standing there in the DJ booth playing my laptop and not DJing but most of the audience think I'm a DJ because they don't see what I'm doing," he pointed out.

"The problem is that when I'm playing live I'm often not able to beat mix, and if the crowd doesn't like one of the tracks I'm playing I'm not able to just mix out of it into another. I hope at Cargo that's not going to be an issue because people are expecting a live set. Sometimes I worry that crowds expect me to play like a DJ but I feel playing a lap top set is quite different," he added.

The Oslo based producer also revealed he's planning to cut back on overseas gigs to spend more time with his 18 month old son and stressed his future musical plans will be revolving directly around his laptop.

"I feel it's more personal to do a laptop set," he explained, "I guess it would be best to have a band but I hate all those rehearsals and having to travel around with lots of people. I'd rather be alone."

Lindstrom performs at Nodisko Live alongside Freaks, Kompis (Sweden), Zak Frost and Magic Jase at Cargo, on Friday August 5.
(Jonty Skrufff)