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international news_4th August, 2005

UK Australians Advised To Stay Cautious

Australian authorities warned that further bomb attacks in the UK 'cannot be ruled out' this week and urged travellers to 'exercise caution and monitor developments that might affect their safety.'

The Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade stressed the overall threat level remained unchanged from their last official warning, which presciently singled out London's transport network as particular risky.

"Police have warned the public to be vigilant at cinemas, theatres, pubs and nightclubs and on all types of public transport, including the London Underground system and buses," the advice said in January.

"Australians in the United Kingdom are advised to be alert to their own security."

The alert coincided with the publication of a report examining patterns of Australian migration which revealed that so many men have left the country, that women there are for the first time facing a 'man drought'. Accounting firm KPMG reached their conclusions on data collated from official statistics which showed that there were 20,000 fewer 30-something blokes than women last year (compared to 56,000 more men in 1970).

"The man drought is leading to a shift in consumer culture", KPMG demographer Bernard Salt told the Guardian, "You have women buying apartments, taking out finance loans; women are evolving their own single culture."

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